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Goiter - A condition of an Inflamed Thyroid Gland
Effects Goiter doesn't result in pain, the condition once it sets in causes the thyroid to swell. Eventually the swelling can begin to constrict the breathing passage in the next, causing the victim to have a serious problem breathing or consuming. As noted earlier, the major cause of the condition in 9 out 10 cases is a lack of iodine in the diet. So many cases are reversible. A goiter can result from either the overproduction or underproduction of thyroid hormones. Either situation will cause the thyroid to inflame and grow in size. That said, neither situation always signals what the root cause is for the hormone imbalance in the first place. Many times no other symptoms are noticeably experienced aside from the growth in the neck. More extreme goiters which are considered toxic to the body signal a condition where the body's systems are also starting to be affected. Significant sweating and nervous twitching can be triggered. Additionally, since the thyroid helps manage the metabolism cycle, a victim's diet can be thrown off as well with inconsistent weight versus appetite. Finally, the body's temperature can become extremely sensitive, being cold when it's warm and vice versa as the body fails to regulate internal temperature properly. Methods of Treatment and Cure The common treatment for dealing with a goiter itself is to try and reverse the iodine deficiency. This approach is put into effect by most medical clinics with the use of levothyroxine combined with iodine. The amount and mixture is measured to get the hormone balance back in place. Once this occurs, the goiter begins to reduce as the thyroid itself begins to shrink back to normal size. Many times, the actual medical treatment for reversing a goiter isn't always provided. The goiter needs to be a certain size first. Just balancing out with normal iodine can cause the thyroid to reduce in size over time naturally. For situations caused by Graves' disease and Hashimoto's disease antithyroid drugs are used. Some of the more common drug treatment names include the use of methimazole or propylthiouracil. Under extreme conditions the thyroid needs to be removed. This can occur when the thyroid grows a goiter to such size it begins to block the breathing tubes in the neck. It can also be required when a patient is suffering from thyroid cancer. Two methods exist to affect treatment: surgical removal of the thyroid or poisoning it with radiation. While the patient will live after the removal of both the goiter inflammation and the thyroid, lifelong thyroid drug treatment will be necessary to artificially provide the same hormones to the body that the thyroid originally produced.